Corporate Packages


Corporate Stress/Relaxation day

Corporate Stress / Relaxation Session 2-2.5 hours

  • Ice –breaker – what makes you happy? What makes you calm? 1 thing you are grateful for? (to tie in to later exercises)
  • Mindfulness presentation with: are you past, present or future thinking? Individual listing activity with discussion.
  • Meditation – relaxation through breathing
  • The Mind Body Connection – presentation and exercises e.g. posture, change your mood with your body (including mindful stretching and relaxing the body)
  • What makes you happy? (discovering your individual values – may be dropped depending on time)
  • Are you in balance? Complete your tree of life to see which areas are in balance and which need some TLC (life-coaching)  with small SMART goal setting. 
  • EAET - Emotional Avoidance Ego Therapy - this would get staff to be reactive to sales and support individual targets 
  • finish on gratitude exercise either using a group activity with a jar or meditation.

Why choose us?

  • Over 15 years experience in well being - Delivering in house courses/workshops
  • CMA Certified (complementary medical association)
  • Advanced CBT Diploma
  • dedicated to serving the highest levels of in house well being

what our clients say............

Yvonne Henley Goouge  recommends Sacred Moon Wellbeing Centre.

12 November 2018 · 

As you walk through the door you are immediately transported into a place of peace and calm.
You are welcomed with genuine warmth and nothing is too much trouble to ensure a magical visit.
I love this place and the fabulous ladies that always make me feel so much more calm and at ease with life and myself.
The negative? That’s easy: I wish I had found this haven sooner 


18 October 2018 · 

Such an amazing place run by two lovely ladies who always make you feel of the warmest atmospheres to relax in. I always have such brilliant results from Shelley's reflexology and Lyndsay is the best therapist anyone could wish for- both are beautiful inside and out. Can't recommend this place enough.xx


24 October 2018 · 

I did the last awareness class and have to say that it was life changing. I really looked forwards to the sessions .Shelley and Lyndsay are amazing teachers. We had lots of fun and laughs along the w


Benefits from our in house well being days

 The Benefits of Team Building Activities

  • Improve productivity
  • Improving productivity is one of the most common goals of team building activities. ...
  • Increase motivation. ...
  • Increased collaboration. ...
  • Encourage creativity. ...
  • Positive reinforcement. ...
  • Improved communication.