Meet the Team

Founder - Shelley Maskill MCMA


Shelley is a truly passionate creative person who's gifts and talents are second to none. Shelley first started out on an angelic path after having a life changing event and will always have a enormous amount of love and respect for the angelic realm. Over the years of her spiritual path  it has opened up to various types of spiritual and therapy work and as a love for mother earth and witchcraft. Shelley has over 10 years experience working along side spirit, her life experiences that she shares has helped others in finding themselves again. She has studied for many years including gaining qualifications in advance counselling, psychology and various types of holistic therapies in great depth to be able to offer and  share to the public who have an interest in inner well-being.


Founder/Owner - Lyndsay Agus


Lyndsay is a very caring and passionate person who always puts others before herself, Lyndsay has always been aware of spirit from a very young age and developed her abilities through out the years and has an astounding connection with spirit. Her gift and talents have brought an enormous amount of comfort and upliftment to her clients. Lyndsay has a very old soul and has undertaken studies and has a passion for spiritual psychology and offers a wealth of knowledge on the spiritual world. Lyndsay has a deep connection with India and is a frequent visitor which enables her to strengthen her connection to the spiritual realm. The spiritual guidance Lyndsay gives is second to none, she as an amazing heart and soul.


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Tel: 01924 279001