What's On At Sacred Moon

Childrens Meditation

Thursday's 17.00-18.00 £6


 Empower Children Through Meditation  Beneficial effects on children’s emotional, mental & intellectual development.  


There is a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that meditation for children as a profound positive affect on their over all wellbeing and give's them a good solid foundation to start their journey in life.

Benefits of Meditation:   

Improves brain function and attention span.   

Improves sleep patterns.   

Improves self-esteem & confidence.  promotes awareness of self and others.  Creates sense of calmness.   

Promotes understanding of emotions and how to deal with them.   

Boosts immune system.  

Reduces stress, anxiety & depression  Gives coping mechanisms to cope with change.   

Increase self-control   

Increases energy   

Increase attendance & grades at school


Do you think your child would benefit from meditation, maybe they are struggling emotionally or physically and need the tools to help them cope, these tools can be used throughout their childhood into adulthood.

If you feel your child would benefit from meditation bring them along to our weekly meditation on Thursday's 5-6pm £6. If you would like more info please ring the centre on 01924 279001 

Sound Healing Meditation With Julian


Sound Healing Meditation 21st Feb 7.00pm-8.30pm £8.00

Join us for a relaxing healing meditation through the art of sound. new research as shown that binaural beats which is when two tones at slightly different frequencies are played in unison these sounds have been found to help reduce anxiety states as well as enhance mood, alleviate symptoms of depressions and promote general health and wellbeing.




Children's Earth Magic Sunday Group

At Sacred Moon Wellbeing Centre Starting Sunday 10th March 10.30-12.30pm

Run every other Sunday morning 10.30 - 12.30 

Investment - £10 per week

Age’s 6 -16

Allow your child to connect with the magic of Mother Earth, each week they will learn about: 

Mother Earth and the magic she brings to us and our lives.

The seasons through the wheel of the year the 8 Sabbat’s Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, yule and the summer and winter solstice.

The principles of the four elements, the sun and the cycles of the moon and how they influence us and the planetary system through astrology.

Empower them through learning about themselves by understanding the chakra system and how their energy works. 

learn about animal totems and the ancient concept of the goddesses and gods.

Learn about the power of the herbs that mother earth provides for us and the benefits of crystals. 

Give them the knowledge and power of grounding, meditation and intention setting.

All of the above will give them the tools to reconnect to mother earth, themselves and others, what they learn each week they will carry the magic with them for the rest of their life’s.

Activities will include making their own bath salts, herbal infusion, chakra items, moon phase wheel and many more craft projects.

Limited places available If you would like to book your child a place ring sacred moon wellbeing centre on 01924 279001 or message us via our Facebook page.

We ask that you book your child a place in advance each week to secure their place for the following Sunday.

(Shelley Maskill - DBS Certificate, Qualification in child protection, Experience of working with children and families with Home Start)


Earth Magick 8 Week Workshop

The Earth Magick Workshop is a 8 week workshop that will cover different subjects each week it will run over 8 weeks every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month:

10th Jan - Week 1

24th Jan - Week 2

14th Feb - Week 3

28th Feb - Week 4

14th March - Week 5

28th March - Week 6

11th April - Week 7

25th April - Week 8

 £15 per lesson.
Would you like to know more about the magick of Mother Earth and learn techniques to connect with her beautiful energies and infuse them into your life through the art of earth magick.
Earth magick is based on the knowing how mother earth works, through the cycles, elements and the flow of mother earth, harnessing the vibration of these through spell casting which in turn can bring about positive change, healing, enlightenment and much  more.

Week 1 - Introduction about Earth Magick.
               Dedication to Mother Earth.
               Importance of Grounding.
Week 2 - Meditation.
               Tree Spirits.
               Nature Spirits.
Week 3 - The Wheel of the Year.
               The Energy of days of the week and how these can aid in
               spell casting.
               Planetary Hours and how these can effect spell
Week 4 - Creating a sacred space.
               Spell casting techniques.
               Tools, Altars, Amulets ect.
Week 5 - Moon Magick
               Moon signs.
               Moon phases.
Week 6 - Candle Magick
               Elemental Magick
Week 7 - Herbal Magick
               Crystal Magick.
Week 8 - Shamanic journey to meet your animal


A Beginners Guide to Working with Astrology


A beginners Guide to Working with Astrology TBA

Tune into the Cosmos with Christine Chalklin- A beginners Guide to Working with Astrology
Discover your personal connection to the cosmos and how these insights can help you to express your most authentic, vibrant self.   From head (Aries) to feet (Pisces), the entire zodiac lives within you, forming a blueprint of innate strengths and vulnerabilities as well as a guide to lifestyle practices that can nourish and enliven you.

Christine Chalklin is an Astrologer, life coach and motivational speaker.   Working professionally for over 20 years Christine is passionate about helping people to embrace and re-discover their gifts and talents, often buried under layers of conditioning.   She believes that we can all live a much more successful and happy life by connecting with our authentic selves and tuning into planetary cycles at optimal times for positive action and success. Christine is a tutor for the Mayo School of Astrology in London and a board member for the Astrological Association of Great Britain.


Dowsing Workshop


The workshop will cover:

What dowsing actually is, how to dowse, brief history of dowsing, taking part in dowsing activities including chakra dowsing, dowsing for energies within your home and making your own personal Bach flower remedy potion with the aid of dowsing.

To book your place call 01924 279001

Candle Magick workshop


Candle Magick Workshop

Date: 15th February 2018

Time: 7.00pm - 21.00pm

Fee: £25.00

The use of candle magick has been used for many years to perform spells and you do not have to be a practising witch to be able to use the power of candle magick, would you like to add a little bit of magick to your life and learn about this ancient art of witchcraft then please come along to our candle magick workshop and experience the Magick.

Candle Magick Workshop Covers:

Information on how candles can help in spell casting and why they are effective at adding more energy to any spell work, taking part in your own spell casting with candles.

(refreshments included)

To enrol on this workshop please ring 01924 279001


Make your own Broom Stick Workshop

Date TBA

Time 1.00pm-4.00pm

Fee: £30.00

Join us for an exciting afternoon creating your very own  personalised broom stick. (all materials included).

To book a place on this workshop please ring 01924 279001

Moon Magick workshop TBA 7pm-9pm £25


Moon Magick Workshop


Do you often find yourself looking up at the moon and wondering about her mysterious energies, the influences she as over us and the magick she can bring to your lives then why not join us in our Moon Magick Workshop?

The workshop will cover:

The different phases of the moon and how these can affect us in our day to day lives and in any of our magickal workings, how to work with the different phases of the moon, how to connect with the moons energies, taking part in casting your own Moon Spell.

To book your place on this workshop call 01924 279001

2 part Tarot Workshop


Two part Tarot Workshop - TBA 7-9 pm £25 per workshop

Part 1 Tarot workshop

Have you ever been interested by Tarot? Tarot has been used for centuries and is a tool mystics used to help see into the future. Tarot can be very accurate if used correctly. This workshop will be for 2 hours which will cover the suits of the tarot cards, How to connect with your cards,this will be demonstrated in the class.

Part 2 Tarot Workshop

2nd part of the course will be an over view of what has been learnt in part 1 and then you will give a reading using your cards and will be given a reading also. Every body is different in how they interpret cards there is no right or wrong way we just teach you the foundation of how to connect with your intuition which then is then mirrored through the cards.

To book on to this workshop ring (01924) 279001