Energy Awareness 8 week Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginners, For self development, understanding energies and for people who want to know more but do not necessarily want to work with the spirit world.
Topics you will cover:-
Understanding your energy
Know thyself
Tarot cards
Seeing auras
cord cutting
Meeting spirit guides/Angels
& much more.

This will be a 8 weeks course for  10.30am till 12.30 pm £12pw

Fee £10 per week or pay upfront £60

Workshop Duration: Every Saturday for 8 weeks

(for dates and times check our event page

Tarot Workshop

There is so much mystery surrounding the art of tarot reading and how they work. Our tarot workshop is designed to delve deeper into the mystery of them and how they are used. 

Do you find yourself intrigued by this psychic art then why not join us for our day work shop in tarot reading. The workshop covers all aspects of tarot and how to incorporate them into your readings and daily lives.

This is a full day workshop 

Dowsing Workshop

The workshop will cover:

What dowsing actually is, how to dowse, brief history of dowsing, taking part in dowsing activities including chakra dowsing, dowsing for energies within your home and making your own personal Bach flower remedy potion with the aid of dowsing.

(for dates and time please see our events page)